Santa Run 2016 – A CRL Promotions Case Study

The build up to Christmas is very much in full flow! More and more trees are being put up, the shops are filled with special Christmas gifts and offers and events are being hosted left, right and centre! One event in particular is the 2016 Run4All Neath Santa Run which took place on Saturday, December 3rd along Aberavon seafront.

As a keen runner, this is an event that I took a key interest in and subsequently became involved in the organisation of the marketing for the event, which is what I want to focus on for this article.

Events such as these are the grassroots of physical marketing for local businesses. In this case, the event was a sell-out with over 300 runners taking part. This figure was just the beginning, accompanied by hundreds in the family fun run, spectators and not to mention the exposure gained through online coverage. All of these factors create the foundation for awareness.

Features ranging from a large banner with company logos, to a little gift card or voucher in the goodie bag for finishing participants, the opportunities for promotion are endless. How can your brand gain recognition? What can be done to remind consumers that you are out there? These are the questions that can be answered in these high profile environments.

Take the finisher medals, seen above, as an example. Sponsored by Swansea based company Tile Rack & Bathrooms Inc, these medals were handed out to every finisher of the run. Branding these medals, which are widely considered sentimental, is an example of how marketing can be simple yet effective. By branding an item with meaning, the positive association is created.

Forms of marketing such as these are undervalued. A personal touch creates the foundation to a strong consumer-brand relationship where a large and dominant advertising campaign may not. It is through these intimate engagements that marketing becomes a success.


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