International Marketing: The World is a Day Away!

When you can physically get to any country in roughly a 24 hour period in terms of travelling, the world is a day away! Marketing however, can be implemented from anywhere at anytime. Whether it’s a phone call, text message, email, sending a postal letter, posting on social media, or even having a chat with someone, there are many platforms and situations that allow marketing to take place.

These methods of communication can be used to reach anyone in the world, anywhere in the world! Obviously, the ease of access for these methods of communication and ultimately marketing haven’t always been in place, but with technological advancements in recent times this all becomes possible!

How CRL Promotions Make the Difference!

Through use of these communication platforms to implement direct marketing strategies, we at CRL Promotions have recently been able to secure one of our clients, Professional Snooker Player Jamie Jones, a long term sponsorship affiliation with Indian-based sports networking organisation RKG Snooker, part of the RKG Group.

Check out RKG Snooker here:-

In previous years and without the use of direct marketing, this affiliation may not have been possible! To find out more about marketing and how our marketing strategies can help you and your business develop, get in touch today:-

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