Commercial Christmas – 3 Ways to Boost Sales This Festive Season

With Christmas just over a month away, it’s the perfect time to look at ways that businesses can promote their offerings with some festive cheer! Here’s 3 key methods which can be used to generate that extra increase in sales this holiday season!

1. Sales, Sales, Sales

Arguably the most effective method of the 3, reduce your price! Consumers love a sale. The notion of “Another day, another deal” can go a long way in your strategy to increase your sales. Short term offers can encourage consumers to make a snapshot purchasing decision, or an impulse buy as it’s known!

The intention to purchase a specific good or service will have developed to the extent where the transaction becomes an inevitability, which is where the business steps in! With the consumer having already made up their mind, an offer presented to them could seal the deal! Why else would they shop somewhere else if what they are looking for is right in front of them at a reduced price?

In this time of urgency, need and desire in the build up to Christmas, it is imperative for businesses to recognise the value in the price!

2. Save the Dates

The second method follows on appropriately from first of these methods through means of price reductions. Events such as Black Friday are a key opportunity for businesses. It is during these times that consumers are searching frantically for the right deal and are susceptible to further impulse buys.

Black Friday, Christmas Eve and Boxing Day all present a window of opportunity for businesses to further promote their offerings, albeit at a more consumer-friendly price. It could be argued that calendar events such as these may not be the most effective or beneficial for businesses in terms of building a consumer-brand relationship however, these occasions are ideal for pushing for a short term boost in sales!

3. Embrace the Occasion – Get Social

Last but not least, the ever popular use of social media! Ideal for both targeting customers of old and reaching out to the new breed, social media offers the ease of communication as well as promotion. With exceedingly high active user statistics paired with the ability to target specific audiences, awareness of last minute deals and season-long offerings can be raised to push for those extra sales!

Positivity can spread like wildfire on social media, with the use of online offers such as discount codes and short term promotions, businesses can further press for quick fire sales. In addition to this, online giveaways and competitions are always popular to generate that little bit of extra excitement, and just like the festive cheer, word will spread!

Happy selling!


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